Free community-driven blockchain

Free Telegram Open Network is a free, open-source network. Its goal is to make an accessible ecosystem with Turing-complete smart contracts, governed by the principle of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Free TON platform consists of a subset of working blockchains (workchains), their shardchains, and their blocks, which are synchronized with the main (masterchain) to update the "ledger". This allows it to scale vertically and process millions of transactions per second, surpassing Bitcoin cryptocurrency in trasaction speed (7/sec) and the global payment system VISA (65000/sec).

Cryptocurrency, unit of FreeTON network

TON blockchain project was closed by creator, but revived by community

Technical specification of Free TON mechanic

Buy, hold and get TON Crystal cryptocurrency

Available from a browser and mobile app. Advanced security settings. P2P platform for buying and selling crystals. Automatic staking.

Blockchain communicator with wallet and chat. For browser and smartphone. An NFC smart card for hardware wallets is planned. Created by the community.

Broxus desktop client for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Fork of the original Test Gram Wallet for TON Testnet. It can swap USDT, USDC, DAI, WBTC and WETH on TON Crystal.

iOS and Android wallet, also in web version. Exchange cryptocurrency inside account. Get VISA card to proceed payments.

Add TON Crystal to a stake and get income for participating in block validation

Try software running on the TON virtual machine

Discussion with project participants and its developers

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