Wallet for TON Crystal

What is Free TON wallet

It is a software environment (application or website) where you can store your cryptocurrency. The address always belongs to you and cannot be frozen or blocked. Using additional security options, you can make your Free TON Wallet as secure as possible.

Types of wallets

They are divided into custodial (exchanges) and non-custodial (wallets, paper/brainwallets).

The choice depends solely on your preferences and convenience.

Custoidal provide more security and insurance (in case you lose your password or device). You can verify your identity and easily regain access. Conveniently manage TON Crystal assets from multiple devices. It's easier to place them on staking.

Non-custodial – maximum freedom. By receiving the seed phrase and recording it separately from the computer, you can always restore access to assets from the private keys. You don't depend on companies and you own 100% what you have. Technically. But this also increases responsibility. If you lose your private keys or seeds, no one can help you recover them.

Create wallet

Custodial wallet that combines the entire range of cryptocurrency services: storage, trading (exchange / P2P), staking, payments, escrow, explorer, portfolio, academy and Telegram bot.

It maintains Free TON DePool list and allows you to place crystals in a stack automatically: income start crediting immediately when placed on the balance.

Non-custodial wallet created within the Free TON community.

In addition to storing and transferring coins, it gives access to a chat, a contact list.

Translated into 11 languages.

Desktop application for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Fork of the original Test Gram Wallet for TON Testnet. It can swap USDT, USDC, DAI, WBTC and WETH on TON Crystal.

A wallet for cryptocurrencies in the form of a Telegram bot. It can be linked to a mobile phone number and increase security by verifying and setting a PIN.

At Chatex you can buy or sell TON Crystals for other cryptocurrencies or fiat (Sberbank, QIWI, Tinkoff, Yandex Money, Alfa-Bank, VTB, Webmoney).

Wallet for iOS and Androidalso in web version. Exchange cryptocurrency inside account. Get VISA card to proceed payments.

How to secure cryptocurrency assets

Always check the site domain in your browser address bar. It must match its name exactly and connect via https.

Do not open letters in mail and messengers if you do not know their author. Follow the links only after checking the sender's domain - letters come only from the official website.

Beware of sites that ask for a seed phrase for authorization. Free TON phishing cases have already been confirmed.

Visit the security section of the wallet and turn on the most of the settings: especially 2FA and backup (if available), add an additional payment password or PIN. Verify your identity if your wallet or exchange account for Free TON is custodial.

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