Buy TON Crystal


The current TON Crystal rate in rubles and U.S. dollars. Below you can see the daily trading volume.

The average value is taken from all official exchanges that have listed the token.

Where to buy TON Crystal

The community gradually enters into listing agreements with the exchanges. Already now you can purchase cryptocurrency on platforms with high liquidity:

Licensed Russian wallet for storing cryptocurrency. With spot/margin trading and P2P exchange. Stacking of crystals starts automatically, and income is credited to the balance immediately after depositing coins to the address.

You can buy Free TON here for rubles from a bank card or electronic payment system (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the CIS countries).

International exchange with high liquidity and traffic of 500k traders monthly.

24/7 multilingual support, 130 trading pairs and a trading terminal with user-friendly interface.

A site that supports dozens of payment systems for exchanging TON crystals in both directions.

OTC P2P exchange chat for bulk TON Crystal trading.

Telegram bot for buying and selling cryptocurrency. It has hundreds of thousands of active users.

Offers a separate tab for buying and selling TON Crystal, no transfer fees, starting from 1 coin.

Asian centralized exchange. Differs in a high indicator of the daily trading volume of the TON Crystal cryptocurrency.

Restrictions may apply for residents of the USA, Europe and other parts of the global market. The launch of the global service is planned later.

How to store TON Crystals safely

Custodian wallet. Responsible for the safety of your funds. The account can be restored if you previously identify yourself. Then at any time you can regain access to cryptocurrency assets, even if you lose your authorization keys. Like a bank.

Works in the browser and on smartphones with Android and iOS.

Create a free account. Once logged into the wallet, go to the "Security" tab in the profile settings. Connect TOTP (2FA from Google and other services). Write down the secret key on a piece of paper. It will help you continue to receive codes, even if you lose your smartphone. If you have a static IP, you can add it to the whitelist so that you can only log in from it. On the "Profile" tab, visit the "Identity" category. Attach identification documents. Now your funds will always be safe, even if you forget your password and lose your access keys.

Non-custodial wallet. You are fully responsible for the safety of the coins, but you get the seed and private keys at your disposal.

Works in the browser and on smartphones with Android and iOS.

Create a free account, come up with a PIN. After entering the wallet, be sure to click on the "Password backup" button and write down your master password (seed-phrase). Write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a place where only you will see it. So, even if an electronic device breaks down, or if you forget your PIN, you can always get back full access to TON Crystals using this set of words.

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