Brief overview and links to decentralized applications (DApps), useful sites and web services. Monitoring, chats, bots, games form the starter kit for the TON blockchain researcher. 

Visit the developers category, if you want to build your own application with Free TON technology.

Block explorers

Blockchain explorer. Shows stats and details:

  • Amount of blocks, transactions, messages, accounts
  • Daily trading volume
  • Total emission of crystals
  • Last transactions and messages
  • Active validators and staking movements
  • Last blocks

Blockchain explorer. Equal to TON Explorer in the amount of provided data.

Pros: fully translated into 3 languages and shows additional developer blockchains (net, fld, game0, game1, game2, game3).

Can search through transaction ID (hash), address or block number, and shows detailed info stored in blockchain.

Staking pools

Shows amount of validators and nominators, total staked TON Crystals.

Participant can choose any pool from the list and stake crystals: right in the browser.

The minimum deposit size is only 5-10 TON, and the average commission of the pools ranges between 1-10% (of the received profit).

Safe non-custodial staking service. The total number of placed assets exceeds $ 1 billion.

Supports dozens of staking cryptocurrencies, including crystals from the FreeTON Mainnet.

Viewing rewards and connecting new contracts for production is easy to carry out in a visual interface on a computer or smartphone. team regularly analyzes the market and offers the best percentages.

Putting TON crystal to the exchange balance or CEX account automatically turns on staking. Rewards enroll automatically and raise your deposit.


A digital art collection inspired by CryptoPunks. There are 1024 unique anime girls in total. The collection is already sold out, but is available for resale on the project's marketplace for TON coins.


A complete poker application right in Telegram. After activating the bot, a wallet will become available for replenishing and withdrawing crystals.

Pressing the «Play Poker» button, the application is launched, with a lobby, different types of games (cash, tournaments, turbo) and tables with real players, making bets in Free TON currency.

Upgrade details: table color, card backs, character avatar.

There are also demo tables where the game is played for virtual chips.

Works both from a desktop application and from a smartphone.

Pay for goods and services

Refill mobile phone balance of Russian operators with TON Crystal cryptocurrency.

Automated cloud infrastructure service with data-centers in Amsterdam and New Jersey.

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